Marble Granite

What are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of stone products?

The Do’s

Normal ‘Housekeeping’ maintenance involves only periodic washing with clean, potable water and neutral (pH-7) cleaners. “Soap less” cleaners are preferred because they minimize sticking and filming. However, mild phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish-soaps, soap flake or powders which contain no aromatics are acceptable if rinsing is thorough.

Stone surface should be first wetted with clean, hot (not boiling) water. Then, using the cleaner solution, wash in small overlapping sweeps, from bottom-up if a vertical surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean, potable water to remove all traces of soap or cleaners solution change the water in the rinse pail frequently. Dry with soft cloth or cotton-flannel, and allow to thoroughly air-drying. Chamois skin may be used in lieu of cotton cloth in this process.
Generally, prevention will save a great deal of time spent on cures and remedies, especially since damages to stone are often irreparable.
Polished stone should receive the same care and consideration that is given to a fine wood finish.

Spills of any type should be immediately removed and water-rinsed. Coasters should be placed under all glasses, particularly those containing liquors or citrus juices.

Hot-plates should be used under heated dishes. And, place-mats or felt bottoms should be placed under china, caramios, silver and brick-a-brac to prevent scratching of polished finishes.