There are both pros and cons of using either natural stone or man-made stone.
The major difference is that natural stone has its own unique beauty that man-made stone does not have. On the other hand, reconstituted stone is not porous therefore does not stain.
Please refer to the below table for a useful information in choosing the right stone for your stone products.

Granite Marble Quartz-Base Marble-Base
Uniqueness(color) **** ***** ** ***
Stain Resistant *** ** ***** ***
Scratch Resistant ***** ** **** ***
Crack Resistant **** ** ***** ***
Chipping Resistant **** ** ***** ***
Acid Resistant **** ** ***** ***
Acid Resistant **** ** ***** ***
Maintenace **** ** **** ***
Life Time ***** ** **** ***
(Analyzed by Uniuquip Stone)
Rating : **No Good , *** OK, **** Good, ***** Very Good

Not only kitchen bench Top can be made of stone in our factory but also other wide range of products such as Vanity Top, Stair Case, Fire place, Table, Floor, Walls and Joinery parts can be manufactured by stone.
We have rated different stones according to their suitability for certain products:

Granite Marble Quartz-Base Marble-Base
Kitchen Top **** ***** ** ***
Vanity Top *** ** ***** ***
Stair Case ***** ** **** ***
Wall **** ** ***** ***
Floor **** ** ***** ***
Fire place **** ** ***** ***
Table Top **** ** **** ***
Outdoor ***** ** **** ***
(Analyzed by Uniquip Stone)
Rating : **No Good , *** OK, **** Good, ***** Very Good

Pleas find below a list of possible edging details available – other custom profiles are available – Uniquip Stone recommends a minimum radius of 3-4 on edge details for optimal performance.

Marble and Granite are natural stones that have the elegant beauty with range of bright
colours created from the natural heat and pressure on sedimentary rocks.

They vary in their colours, irregular markings, veins or fissure lines witch are inherent in natural stones. Please be aware that no two tiles or slabs will be the same.

As an engineered stone, Caesar stone is a 91~95% quartz based product that has outstanding properties to ensure ease of maintenance and longevity of your surfaces. It will withstand exposure to tea, soda, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and strongly colored spices. (Copy right @ Caesar stone) It will never require sealing.

Quantum Quartz/Silestone/Stone Italiana and Smart stone are known as man-made or reconstituted stones.
Quantum Quartz contain Quartz and silicate minerals that are resistant to acids, alkalies, chemicals and solvents, making it highly resistant to heat, scratch, chipping, stains and to mildew and mould and also immune to freezing and thawing. For these reasons they are easy to maintain and take care of.

Smart Stone is produced with the very latest technology developed by Breton Spa, Italy. The product consists of 91% ~ 94% natural quarts, with polyester resin (the binding agent) and pigment (colouring) making up the rest. These elements are combined through a process of vacuum vireo compaction (patented Breton System) and heating resulting in a high performance unique solid surface. With Smart Stone you get what is effectively a natural product combined with the latest technology on offer in the world today.Just like Quantum Quartz, Smart stone has the look and feel of natural stone and it is highly resistant to Stains, Scratch, Heat and Chipping. Its natural lustrous shine is maintained with only simple and routine cleaning.